Biz Training Portal Launch



Training You in the Online Small Business World So You Can Be Your Own Boss

Launching Tuesday, January 16 At 12 p.m. EST

But this early bird offer lasts through January!


Training You in the Online Small Business World So You Can Be Your Own Boss

Video Tutorials

Training you in major online business concepts like SEO, WordPress, Squarespace, Marketing, & More

If you’re anything like me, having a good video to guide me through any process is so valuable! Immerse yourself in our detailed video training on major online business concepts like SEO, Wordpress, Squarespace, Marketing, and more.


Personalized Coaching

Get 1:1 Coaching from ME each month like I do with my paid clients.

I provide my paid clients with involved personalized coaching. With the Biz Training Portal, each early bird member will receive access to the same one on one coaching from ME each month! Personized coaching can include a brand audit, general guidance, positive reinforcement, and a consistency encouragement.

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Take self-guided mini-courses and download other resources valuable for navigating the world of webpreneurialism.

Finding the time to do an involved training course all at once can be difficult. That is why each of our courses is divided into easy to manage self-guided mini-courses and throughout our courses we provide resources for you to download that are valuable in navigating the world of webpreneurialism.

Let's Talk Pricing...

I know that this is a very important topic to you all! It would be for me! You work hard for your money and you want to invest it in something that provides a lot of value to you and your business.

To start, the membership will be $15/month.

However, because I am launching the training portal this month, I am offering a special early bird deal to the individuals who enroll in January.

Early bird access will include:

  • Instant access to the Free Resources Library, which includes valuable information for navigating your business.
  • Instant access to any future content that is added to our growing resource library.
  • Three months of guaranteed access to the Training Portal once it officially launches in January, a $45 value.
  • A copy of Filing Taxes as a Small Business or Blogger ebook, a $10 value
  • Access to an exclusive private coaching group that is guaranteed to be SMALL and HELPFUL for you as you and I work together to customize how we are building your business.
  • All of this for the early bird price of $50.00

Order Summary
Early Bird Pricing for Webpreneur Academy

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